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Funding Opportunities for
Medical Education Grants

Boehringer Ingelheim is proud to provide grants for educational activities for healthcare professionals and the scientific community in order to benefit the public and improve patient health.

There are 3 types of funding opportunities available for medical education.

Independent Medical Education (IME) Grants

  • Independent, accredited or non-accredited, non-promotional and non-product specific medical education activities
  • Intended to educate HCPs, the scientific community, and may include patient education components

Scientific Advancement Grants (SAG)

  • Grant funding to advance the knowledge and understanding of science (pre-clinical, outcomes or clinical) patient care and/or development of scientific/education methodologies, techniques and information
  • Allows Boehringer Ingelheim involvement in creation of materials or activities

Quality Improvement Education (QIE) Grants

  • Grant funding to examine educational methodologies/tools addressing clinical performance measures or quality indicators aligned to National Quality Priorities
  • Results disseminated via publications or real-world data
  • Boehringer Ingelheim may partner with professional or medical association or society